Spirit of the Woods

25-28 August 2017

A festival of nature, mind, body and spirit
Join us at Tortworth Forest Centre to explore what nature means to you.

* Bushcraft * Meditation * Singing * ID walks * Forest Bathing * Forest School for Grown Ups * Foraging * Mindfulness * Shiatsu * Tree Tents * Glamping * Whittling * Tree Climbing * And more!

A new camping event by HoneyWoods Camping.

Spirit of the Woods 2017

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Description Price Quantity
Adult Ticket
£140 GBP
Low Income Ticket
£100 GBP
Tree Tent
£240 GBP
Children and Young People
£60 GBP
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About HoneyWoods Camping

We craft creative, bespoke, wild camping weekends throughout the UK, brimming with woodland activities, music, good food, fires foraging and friends.

We organise these events to encourage adults and children to reconnect with nature, find their voice, rediscover the art of play and become a part of a community of like minded people. We believe that when families get together in the heart of nature, amazing things happen.

Our events are designed to encourage you to let go and explore the magic of nature, inviting you to leave your daily lives behind, and spend an enchanted weekend exploring, creating memories and learning everything that the wild has to offer. Bringing in local businesses and knowledge, our weekends are always unique and inspiring.


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